Monday, March 7, 2011

Breakfast at Delilah's in Echo Park

On Saturday morning we woke up super early and went for breakfast at Delilah's, which is right up the street from our house. I'd never been there before and wasn't expecting much of it, but I was pleasantly surprised. Delilah's is pretty much one of the cutest little places I've ever been, with shabby chic decor and yummy looking cupcakes and other baked goods of all colors. I realized once I got there that I shouldn't have bought my lame Arizona green tea because they had a broad selection, but it was too late. I did try Alex's cherry lemonade, which, even though I really hate cherry-flavored things, was absolutely delicious (probably because it was basically liquid sugar). While the lunch sandwich menu looked appealing (and I am a sucker for cold cuts, even at 9am), I decided to stick to breakfast and order their veggie scramble omelet, with spinach, red pepper, onion and mushroom.

Everyone who knows me, knows I am not big on the veggies, but I was feeling an exceptional need to "anti-oxidize" for reasons that will remain unmentioned on this blog, and decided to go for it since the menu also said GOAT CHEESE and PESTO. The omelet was great and I loved that the homefries were actual recognizable potato slices, not a pile of fried mush. Plus, I couldn't finish it. Bravo. OH and did I mention that every table is served a basket of FREE MUFFIN SAMPLES while you wait for your food?! Wahoo!

Alex, of course, ordered his usual bacon and eggs. The bacon was extra thick and yummy, which, the owner explained to us, was because Delilah's gets all their ingredients directly from the farm, therefore they get a lot of say in how their food is prepared from the first step. That's right, the owner was actually working and conversing with patrons. Gotta love that!

I can't believe I went so long without eating at Delilah's, but I am so stoked I finally did, and can't wait to go back for lunch!

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