Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wurstküche Restaurant: Sausage Heaven

Sausage party.

Sausage grosses a lot of people out, and I'm not gonna say that I have always been sausage's #1 fan, but Wurstküche rocked my socks off. There are so many different sausages, the pickiest eater can find something they love - even retarded vegetarians who accidentally stumble into a sausage restaurant. Since I insist upon proving how tough I am at every meal, I opted for one of the spiciest sausages: the turkey with jack cheese and jalapeño, topped with spicy peppers and carmelized onions. We also shared the fries with truffle oil and the chipotle ketchup (my heaven). Perhaps the best part of my lunch, however, was discovering that Wurstküche carries my favorite beer, Fruli, on their extensive beer menu! Fruli is an awesome Belgian strawberry fruit beer that is 70% beer/30% juice, but still contains an approximate 5% alcohol content. It's healthy and it gets you drunk! Like a bloody mary! In summary: great sausage + beer selection. Next time I come back, I will have 10 of both.

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